Magnet solutions target 'game-changing' applications

April 18, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Magnet solutions target 'game-changing' applications
Magnet-based and superconducting solutions specialist Advanced Magnet Lab (Melbourne, FL) has launched its first commercially available "Perfect-Field Magnets" (PFMs) for applications requiring highly uniform magnetic fields such as quantum computing, manufacturing, medical, research, and more.

The company's Perfect-Field Magnets are designed for challenging applications and requirements where solutions are not currently available in the market. Consisting of proprietary software and magnet technologies, the PFM products, says the company, are designed to solve some of the most challenging problems involving magnetics, including magnets for high energy physics particle accelerators, AC losses measurements in superconductors, heavy ion cancer therapy, MRI, and more.

"It's really magnetics 3.0," says Dr. Rainer Meinke, Co-Founder of AML and the inventor of the technologies. "You won't find this with existing solutions that are manufacturable at an economical price."

Its technologies, says the company, are able to achieve unprecedented magnetic field uniformity with unique geometries, all while delivering a product that uses less power with a reduced footprint. Available at a pricing point competitive with existing state-of-the-art Helmholtz coils , Perfect-Field Magnets are said to deliver features such as:

  • Up to 40X higher magnetic field quality
  • Greater than 2X increase in magnetic field
  • 50% smaller
  • 40% less power
  • Scalable and customizable

PFMs, says the company, have a field variation in "Good Field Region" of less than 0.001% with a magnetic field starting at ~50 Gauss - or nearly 100 times the Earth's magnetic field.

Advanced Magnet Lab

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