Low-power voice control system is fully integrated

August 27, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Low-power voice control system is fully integrated
Semiconductor company QuickLogic (Sunnyvale, CA) and voice processing software solutions provider Retune DSP (Copenhagen, Denmark) have announced they are partnering to provide a fully integrated solution for low-cost voice control systems including smartphone, wearable, and IoT designs.

The Retune DSP VoiceSpot wake word engine was implemented on the QuickLogic EOS S3 Voice and Sensor Processing Platform to provide a complete customer-ready solution for always-on/always-listening voice activated applications, including devices that tap into the Alexa Voice Service. The solution, say the companies, features the lowest power consumption of any system now available.

Retune DSP created a single-microphone solution for the system, which provides significant benefits compared to two-microphone solutions, yet still passes the Alexa Voice Service's Close Talk qualification and certification test requirements. This single-microphone approach, says the company, saves area, cost, and power without sacrificing usability.

"The voice processing capabilities and integrated programmable logic, processor, and DSP engine of the QuickLogic EOS SoC platform made it a great solution for our VoiceSpot Wake Word Engine," says Ulrik Kjems, CEO of Retune DSP. "Its ultra-low-power consumption is perfect for the applications we are targeting, which often include devices with non-rechargeable batteries."

Scott Haylock, product marketing director at QuickLogic says, "VoiceSpot is a very robust wake word engine that delivers a unique combination of high performance and small model size. VoiceSpot has a tiny footprint and so easily resides in QuickLogic's EOS S3 – providing our combined customers with a highly integrated, cost effective, and low-power solution."

The Retune DSP VoiceSpot wake word engine solution running on QuickLogic's EOS S3 Voice and Sensor Processing Platform is available now.

Retune DSP

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