Loudspeaker amplifier IC targets digital instrument cluster

April 24, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
High performance loudspeaker amplifier ICs for digital instrument clusters
Chip manufacturer Rohm announces the BD783xxEFJ-M series Class AB mono loudspeaker amplifier with 2.8 W output power. The AEC-Q100 qualified ICs offer voltage gains between +6dB (BD78310EFJ-M) and +26dB. They operate in the temperature range from -40 °C to +105 °C; target applications are instrument clusters in autonomous vehicles and ADAS.

Technological innovations in the automotive sector such as autonomous driving and ADAS require a variety of acoustic signals, for example warning signals when leaving the lane or when encountering obstacles. Even audio output systems in instrument clusters use loudspeaker amplifiers that generate acoustic signals with an MCU instead of producing flasher sounds with relays or warning tones with electronic buzzers. Until now, however, it has been difficult to ensure safe and stable audio output at high volumes.

The BD783xxEFJ-M series is suitable for instrument clusters that require various acoustic signals at high volume, including warning signals, flasher sounds, welcome tones and voice output. A new type of overcurrent protection circuit provides protection against short circuits at the. In addition, the integrated thermal shutdown and the undervoltage lockout circuit provide reliable protection against malfunctions. The ICs enable stable voice output even under difficult conditions without impairing functionality.

High output power of 2.8 W with integrated overcurrent protection

With conventional overcurrent protection circuits, the maximum output power is limited because the switching threshold of the protection circuit must be set to a value that is lower than the maximum current of the loudspeaker amplifier. With the new overcurrent protection circuit from Rohm, on the other hand, the output does not have to be limited because the oscillation curve is not distorted even at high power. The D783xxEFJ-M series thus offers protection against overcurrent in the event of output short circuits. In the past, this was difficult to achieve in combination with high power.

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