LoRaWAN device based on software defined IoT

February 15, 2019 //By Wisse Hettinga
LoRaWAN device based on software defined IoT
Internet of Things (IoT) service provider The Things Industries has announced a new LoRaWAN end device based on the concept of software defined internet of things.

The things Industry is launching the Generic Node, a LoRaWan node that can be configured and used in many different applications where measurement of light, motion, proximity, moisture, touch and temperature (and more) is required.

The Generic Nodes features End-to-End Encryption, Ultra Low Power, Open Development Tools, Firmware Over The Air Update, Standard, Replaceable AA Battery and LoRaWAN Operator Agnostic.

With the promise of zero hardware and software development, the Generic One can be easily deployed. Developers can the use Arm Mbed OS to build new applications. The Generic One comes with a debug cable and … works on a standard AA battery!

More information on how to join the early registration for this product: https://www.genericnode.com

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