Lidar dev kit brings advanced perception to autonomous solutions

July 30, 2021 // By Rich Pell
Lidar dev kit brings advanced perception to autonomous solutions
Lidar technology company Velodyne Lidar has announced a software development kit that allows customers to use the advanced capabilities of the company’s Vella lidar perception software in their autonomous solutions.

The Vella Development Kit (VDK) is designed to enable companies to accelerate time to market for bringing cutting-edge lidar capabilities to autonomous vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), mobile delivery devices, industrial robotics, drones and more. VDK, says the company, helps companies use their development resources more efficiently by reducing the time and effort required to integrate 3D lidar sensors into applications.

The Vella processing features included in VDK translate raw point cloud data into richer, more descriptive information in real time. These higher-level perception outputs, such as object classification, velocity measurement, semantic scene segmentation and obstacle detection, can be directly used by autonomous system developers without deep knowledge or expertise in lidar processing.

Vella’s perception capabilities are backed by machine learning algorithms trained on the massive datasets built by the company and enable autonomous mobility today in a wide range of operational design domains, such as urban roadways, highways, sidewalks and warehouses, says the company. VDK was developed with input from automakers, application developers, and the Automated with Velodyne ecosystem.

VDK is designed to leverage the capabilities of the company's latest solid-state Velarray H800 and Velarray M1600 lidar sensors, with support for additional sensors being added with each release. Customers with an active maintenance subscription will gain access to every future release of VDK, which will continue to be updated with the latest hardware support and processing features that Vella has to offer.

“The Vella Development Kit supports customers through the entire autonomous solution development lifecycle, from testing and evaluating sensors, to building initial proofs of concept, to demonstrating complete applications,” says Vishal Jain, Vice President of Software Engineering, Velodyne Lidar. “VDK enables developers and integrators to see the world differently by connecting them to the complete array of robust perception capabilities provided by Vella. They also have ongoing access to all the latest innovations that result from Velodyne’s continued leadership deploying lidar solutions throughout the world.”

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