Leoni taps into PARC's expertise in CBM and AI

June 19, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Leoni taps into PARC's expertise in CBM and AI
The cable specialist Leoni AG intends to expand its technology scope and participate in the digital transformation. Leoni is particularly interested in entering the field of energy and data management technologies. To this end, the Nuremberg-based company has entered into a cooperation agreement with Xerox PARC (you remember: the inventors of the computer mouse)

With the help of PARC's leading-edge technologies in the areas of condition monitoring (CBM), system analysis, artificial intelligence (AI) and embedded sensors, Leoni intends to advance its digital transformation. Initial joint research work is concentrating on the implementation of intelligent cable systems.

Technologies such as predictive maintenance and condition monitoring using intelligent data analysis are regarded as important drivers of Industry 4.0 and digital mobility projects. These technologies can help prevent unplanned system failures and increase system availability by evaluating all system components throughout their life cycle. As a result, individual components can be replaced long before performance losses or failures occur. CBM, or maintenance or replacement of identified components during scheduled maintenance windows, can reduce costs and system downtime.

The collaboration will initially focus on adapting PARC's CBM and advanced systems analysis for Leoni's intelligent cable systems. PARC's model-based approach enables very high prediction accuracy and negligible false alarm rates so that Leoni solutions can provide customers with usable data for effective deployment and optimal design, enabling customers to intelligently monitor and manage their systems.

Leoni's cooperation with PARC is also linked to the development of autonomous driving: self-driving cars require cable systems that are "safe operational", i.e. in the event of a fault they ensure the continued functioning of vital systems such as the steering, brakes and sensors of the vehicle.

As part of the transformation, Leoni will be able to support its customers in embedding intelligence in the entire ecosystem, from intelligent cables to cable systems and components for the automotive industry, energy and infrastructure.

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