LED lighting supplier expands germicidal product options

August 25, 2020 //By Rich Pell
LED lighting supplier expands germicidal product options
LED lighting retailer Bulbs.com has announced that it has expanded its selection of germicidal products including disinfection equipment.

The LED lighting supplier says its has a new selection of germicidal products from brands like Axenic-UV, Healthe, Medify Air, Puro, Archipelago, Larson Electronics, and Graco, and now offers product options ranging from air purifiers to fully autonomous sanitizing robots. The company has been selling germicidal lamps and ballasts since 2003, but the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in many of its commercial customers to seek more information about germicidal products to sanitize their businesses for employees and customers.

This demand, says the company, prompted the Bulbs.com team to grow their knowledge of germicidal products, and to utilize industry relationships to expand the category to better meet customer needs.

"There are a variety of methods available to sanitize a commercial space," says the company, "and since every space is different some businesses may be able to find one option that is perfect for their space, while others may need to deploy a combination of cleaning tools."

As a result, says the company, it now offers products that kill germs and viruses with UV-C lighting, chemical sprayers or air purification:

  • Air Purifiers – Medical grade HEPA H13 air purifiers
  • Portable UV-C – Tower fixtures that can be moved from room to room utilizing UV-C lights to kill bacteria, mold and viruses
  • UV-C Light Boxes – Self contained boxes using UV light to decontaminate personal items or PPE items like face masks
  • Disinfectant Sprayers – Corded or battery powered sprayers that use a chemical spray to disinfect
  • UV-C Light Fixtures – Ceiling troffer, high bay and wall mount fixtures that use UV-C light to disinfect
  • HVAC Devices – Installed in existing air ducts, using UV-C light to disinfect the air as it circulates throughout the HVAC system
  • Disinfecting Robots – Using a combination of UV-C, atomized spraying and laser guided navigation to thoroughly sterilize large areas while unoccupied

The company say it will continue to expand this category to satisfy the demands of

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