IoT developer toolkit aims to accelerate prototype creation

January 27, 2020 //By Rich Pell
IoT developer toolkit aims to accelerate prototype creation
AI+IoT platform provider Tuya Smart (San Jose, CA) has announced the availability of a developer toolkit for IoT and connected device developers.

The "Sandwich Board Development Kit" includes a collection of 19 integrated development modules, which, says the company, can be "layer stacked" like a sandwich to create a complete IoT prototype in less than an hour.

"This kit is designed for both entry-level, as well as professional IoT developers," says Alex Yang, Tuya COO and co-founder, "and we believe it will greatly accelerate smart product introductions in both the home and business markets. These additional products will give consumers and businesses more choices to enhance their personal and professional lives."

Traditional development kits, says the company, can be complex and time-consuming, due to embedded functions and complicated wiring that can only apply to one specific product or category. The Sandwich Board Development Kit, however, is designed to allow developers to create separate panels for information receiving and processing, wireless communication, and functions that can easily interconnect with each other and be applied to multiple products and categories using the company's IoT platform.

"We see great potential in this kind of developer's tools and solution in the global market," says Jerry Wang, Tuya Founder and CEO, "especially in the era of interconnectivity from 2020, which would be a key turning point with the explosion of IoT and the mass demand for interoperability."

The kit is compatible with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and NB-IoT protocols.

Tuya Smart

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