IoT cloud platform for hardware developers raises funds

June 07, 2021 // By Rich Pell
IoT cloud platform for hardware developers raises funds
IoT cloud services startup Golioth has announced a $2.5M seed funding round in conjunction with a private beta launch for developers.

Designed to simplify the cloud for IoT/hardware developers, the Golioth platform enables hardware developers to build end-to-end IoT-connected products using their choice of hardware and connectivity, all without the need for a team of cloud engineers. From device messaging to security, updates, analytics, and more, the platform provides device services that work with every developer's hardware and firmware requirements.

It is designed to address what the company says is one of the largest challenges facing hardware companies when it comes to connecting their devices - the lack of sufficient software, security, and cloud engineering expertise.

"Current IoT platforms were designed for software companies who deeply understand cloud computing, databases, and networking, not for the engineers who build devices," says Golioth founder Jonathan Beri. "I realized if a platform could address what hardware needs from the cloud it could significantly reduce the cost and complexity for hardware makers as the number of connected devices grows exponentially. Being laser focused on empowering hardware developers is how Golioth will grow adoption within any product company, from startups to Fortune 500 companies."

The company's platfotm provides turnkey IoT cloud services with what it says is unmatched levels of choice in what matters most to hardware developers: flexibility in hardware, embedded software, messaging protocols, and connectivity. Golioth supports a range of open IoT protocols and connectivity for communication, providing security by default.

The company's first Device SDK is built on The Zephyr Project , an open source project under the Linux Foundation that offers a safe, secure, and flexible real-time operating system (RTOS) for the IoT in space-constrained devices. Golioth's Zephyr SDK takes full advantage of the capabilities of Zephyr such as a modern, secure networking stack and protocol support. The company also announced that it has joined The Zephyr Project as a Silver Member.

During the private beta, Golioth Cloud will be free for beta testers. Pricing and additional deployment options will be announced

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