IoT-based earthquake early-warning system goes open source

August 12, 2020 //By Rich Pell
IoT-based earthquake early-warning system goes open source
Non-profit technology consortium the Linux Foundation has announced that it will host earthquake early-warning (EEW) solution provider Grillo's IoT-based OpenEEW project in collaboration with IBM to accelerate the standardization and deployment of EEW systems for earthquake preparedness around the world.

Created by Grillo with support from IBM, USAID, the Clinton Foundation, and Arrow Electronics, OpenEEW is a Code and Response with The Linux Foundation project that features a set of core Grillo EEW components - comprising integrated capabilities to sense, detect, and analyze earthquakes as well as alert communities - that will place effective EEWs to be within the reach of many underserved communities arond the world.

Nearly three billion people globally live with the threat of an earthquake and don't have access to nation-wide systems which can cost upwards of one billion U.S. dollars, says the organization. OpenEEW wants to help reduce the costs of EEW systems, accelerate their deployments around the world, and has the potential to save many lives.

"For years we have seen that EEWs have only been possible with very significant governmental financing, due to the cost of dedicated infrastructure and development of algorithms," says Andres Meira, Founder, Grillo. "We expect that OpenEEW will reduce these barriers and work towards a future where everyone who lives in seismically-active areas can feel safe."

The OpenEEW Project includes several core IoT components: sensor hardware and firmware that can rapidly detect and transmit ground motion; real-time detection systems that can be deployed on various platforms from a Kubernetes cluster to a Raspberry Pi; and applications that allow users to receive alerts on hardware devices, wearables, or mobile apps as quickly as possible. The open source community, say the organizations, aims to help advance earthquake technology by contributing to OpenEEW's three integrated technology capabilities: deploying sensors, detecting earthquakes, and sending alerts.

Mike Dolan, Senior Vice President and GM of Projects at the Linux Foundation says, "The OpenEEW Project represents the very best in technology and in open source. We're pleased to be able to host and support such an important project and community at the Linux Foundation. The open source community can enable rapid development and deployment of these

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