'Internet of packaging' partnership digitizes entire product lifecycle

November 06, 2017 // By Rich Pell
'Internet of packaging' partnership digitizes entire product lifecycle
QR Code mobile technology services company Scanbuy (New York, NY) and product serialization, tracking, and tracing services company Kezzler (Oslo, Norway) have partnered to bring the "Internet of Packaging" (IOP) to consumer packaged goods companies and retailers.

Offered as a next-generation solution "that will change the landscape of business services for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry," the companies' technology uses SmartLabel QR Codes to provide product traceability, supply chain optimization, and marketing insights. The IoP, say the companies, enables product serialization on a mass scale, giving every product a unique identity in the connected world.

"As SmartLabel QR Code package activation expands across product portfolios, it is important that we help clients future-proof their investment in SmartLabel, by solving product traceability and visibility using the exact same bar code,” says Maryann Moschides, chief marketing officer at Scanbuy. "No longer will a product require a consumer facing barcode and an internal facing bar code. By partnering with Kezzler, we will be able to deliver a best-in-class solution that delivers transparency to consumers and enhances traceability for companies."

As a result, a Scanbuy QR Code placed on a product package and scanned by a consumer will instantaneously link the consumer to the respective SmartLabel landing page. When the same QR Code is scanned for a business operation, companies will gain full distribution visibility and insights into all stages of the product lifecycle through the Kezzler platform.

"Serializing or digitalizing products is currently being implemented in a number of regulated industries to protect and inform consumers," says Thomas Körmendi, CEO of Kezzler. "And we see a significant uptake across consumer products, bringing opportunities for brand owners, retailers and consumers."

"Activating SmartLabel on packages is a step toward providing richer information in the digital world and building trust through greater visibility. By partnering with Scanbuy on the SmartLabel initiative, we have the potential to create a multi-purpose role for every manufactured item, and our collaboration makes this evolution seamless."


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