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January 24, 2020 //By Lucas Hale
CNC machines
Does moving towards the smart factory mean scrapping your existing CNC grinding machines and having to invest in a whole new set of machinery? Not at all! But it does mean upgrading some of your technology and changing the way you think about how you operate.

Planning ahead for future success

This might be brand new for your factory, and there are tricks you will need to learn. For example, did you know that if you’re moving jobs between machines, you will need to have the same version of software on each? And again this is an investment but the efficiencies will weigh out the costs in a few months – it is about knowing what will be required to make your factory smart.

If scaled manufacturing is not your background, you might need more information before you scope out your strategy. We can help you understand your specific requirements and help you understand how to incorporate them into your supply chain.
Whatever approach you take, you will need to invest in some degree of technology to keep your machines up to date and your operation functioning effectively. Without this, other companies will move ahead of you as they can produce more complex tools more efficiently.

There are many ways to bring your CNC grinding machines up to speed for your smart factory. The most important thing is that you start.

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Lucas Hale is global marketing manager at ANCA CNC Machines -

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