Integrating legacy CNC machines into a smart factory: Page 2 of 5

January 24, 2020 //By Lucas Hale
CNC machines
Does moving towards the smart factory mean scrapping your existing CNC grinding machines and having to invest in a whole new set of machinery? Not at all! But it does mean upgrading some of your technology and changing the way you think about how you operate.

All your CNC grinding machine needs is to be connected
While you will be able to make use of existing CNC machines, it will require you to embrace some new technology. To work effectively with other machines and maximise the benefits of a smart factory each CNC grinding machine will need to be connected to a communication network.
Having a machine connected to a network may seem daunting, but the benefits are unparalleled. Your CNC machine becomes part of a smart, connected set of tools working together to make your work easier.
Depending on the age of your machine, you can connect machines using either WIFI (the best option-to avoid messy cabling) or a cabled LAN connection. While newer machines come WIFI enabled, older machines can be retrofitted with a WIFI adaptor and software drivers. Check with your vendor first to make sure the driver software is supported.

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