Integrating legacy CNC machines into a smart factory

January 24, 2020 //By Lucas Hale
CNC machines
Does moving towards the smart factory mean scrapping your existing CNC grinding machines and having to invest in a whole new set of machinery? Not at all! But it does mean upgrading some of your technology and changing the way you think about how you operate.

In the future, running a factory won’t require you to be as hands on with what you produce any more. Instead of a manual production line, you will have an integrated network of machines that is more efficient in manufacturing processes, intellectual property generation, tool design, customer responsiveness, cycle time, profitability – and the list goes on. Across your business, automated machines will take care of more of the laborious tasks before work begins. Don’t let the enormity of what you can achieve with a smart factory cause you to stick to what you have always done because it is easier. With a bit of investment to upgrade your existing technology and facilities, you can reap the benefits of automation – dare I say, it’s easy.

It is about working with a CNC grinding machine that is smarter. Of course this will need some investment, but it is also about understanding how the new infrastructure will work. The benefit for your team is that instead of needing to manufacture products with manual intervention, your team will be able to program machines ahead of time, so that they are able to do what needs to be done throughout the day. And not only will your CNC machines manage the production, but they’ll also collect and analyse data and make automatic adjustments to production in real time to improve the way you’re running. 

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