Infineon, Xilinx, Xylon speed data exchange within ADAS

February 22, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Infineon, Xilinx, Xylon speed data exchange within ADAS
Infineon is working with FPGA specialists Xilinx Inc. and Xylon, d.o.o., to increase the flexibility in the use of security controllers in automotive and industrial applications. At Embedded World 2019, they will jointly present a new IP core from Xylon, a Croatia-based IP company and close cooperation partner of Xilinx.

In Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS), the demand for high computing power meets the necessity for high functional safety. These tasks typically are shared by two instances: A number crunching device (e.g. Nvidia) and a “safety guard”, typically implemented by a processor of Infineon’s Aurix class. Now Xylon together with Xilinx and Infineon have developed a piece of IP that enables much faster data exchange between the safety guard and Xilinx-based number cruncher platforms. This IP, Xylon’s logiHSSL, speeds the data connection between Infineon’s Aurix TC2xx and TC3xx microcontrollers and SoC, MPSoC and FPGA devices from Xilinx. Data is exchanged via Infineon's High Speed Serial Link (HSSL) - with baud rates of up to 320 Mbaud and an effective bandwidth of up to 84%

HSSL is a proprietary Infineon interface that requires only five pins - two LVDS with two pins each and one clk pin. So far, it has been used for data exchange between Aurix microcontrollers and customer ASICs to extend computing power or functionality. With the new IP core, developers can combine Aurix's high security level with the wide functional scope of Xilinx products. PCB-connected devices can exchange data and access each other via HSSL - including externally connected resources.

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