Image sensor for IoT security cameras

January 06, 2021 //By Rich Pell
Image sensor for IoT security cameras
Digital imaging solutions provider OmniVision Technologies has announced what it claims is a best-in-class 2.0 micron pixel, 4 megapixel (MP) resolution image sensor for both IoT and home security cameras.

When paired with the designer’s selected platform, says the company, the OS04C10 can enable a system ultra low power mode for battery-powered cameras with AI functionality. In addition, it provides high 2688 x 1520 resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio, while adding near-infrared (NIR) and ultra low light, SNR1 performance of the company's Nyxel and PureCel Plus technologies.

The sensor also offers multiple high dynamic range (HDR) options for the highest quality 4MP still and video captures of fast-moving objects at 60 frames per second.

"AI-enabled IoT and home security cameras require excellent performance across all lighting conditions for accurate algorithm detection of faces, license plates and other items," says Cheney Zhang, senior marketing manager for the security segment at OmniVision. "Additionally, these cameras are often battery-powered. The OS04C10 maintains the same high 4MP resolution as our popular OV4689 sensor, while adding improved NIR, ultra low light and HDR performance for these IoT and home security cameras, along with a new ultra low power mode that consumes 98.9% less power than the normal mode for longer battery life.”

The OS04C10, says the company, works equally well in all lighting conditions, and can detect incident light in both the visible and NIR wavelengths, while producing precise color and monochrome images for security applications. The company's Nyxel technology provides the OS04C10 with exceptional quantum efficiency (QE), which enables it to see better and farther at both the 850-nm and 940-nm NIR wavelengths.

The device's QE performance also enables the use of lower power IR illumination in total darkness, resulting in significantly reduced system-level power consumption. Additionally, 940-nm NIR lighting cannot be detected by the human eye in dark indoor settings, while 850-nm light is ideal for outdoor security cameras. The OS04C10's ability to capture crisp, clear images using undetectable 940-nm NIR light means that indoor security cameras will not disturb sleeping occupants and can be easily concealed from intruders.

The company's PureCel

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