IBM AI toolset targets nine industries, professions

September 26, 2018 //By Rich Pell
IBM AI toolset targets nine industries, professions
IBM (Armonk, NY) has announced what it says is its largest ever artificial intelligence (AI) toolset release, which is "tailor made" for nine industries and professions.

The new Watson solutions and services, says the company, are pre-trained for a variety of industries and professions including agriculture, customer service, human resources, supply chain, manufacturing, building management, automotive, marketing, and advertising.

"As data flows continue to increase, people are overwhelmed by the amount of information we have to act on every day, but luckily the information explosion coincides with another key technological advance: artificial intelligence," says David Kenny, Senior Vice President, IBM Cognitive Solutions. "AI is the tool professionals need to take advantage of the data that's now at our fingertips and tailoring general AI for specific industries and professions is a critical way to enable everyone to reach new potential in their daily jobs."

The new AI releases include the following:

  • The Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture platform gathers data from multiple sources – such as weather, IoT-enabled tractors and irrigators, satellite imagery, and more – and provides a single, overarching, predictive view of data as it relates to a farm in an easy-to-use app.
  • The Watson Discovery for Salesforce solution gives customer service agents the relevant information about a caller's request in real-time.
  • The AI functionality for HR analyzes the background of current top performing employees from diverse backgrounds and uses that data to help flag promising applicants.
  • Embedded into the Watson Campaign Automation SaaS solution for marketers, the new IBM Watson Assistant for Marketing feature can help by converting the busy work of marketing into a simple conversation with Watson.
  • Specifically designed to help drive in-store traffic, the WEATHERfx Footfall with Watson is a real-time, signal-based targeting mechanism that factors in weather elements, sales, and consumer data to define the conditions in which the weather is most likely to drive behavior.
  • Focused on the industrial internet of things, specially-crafted Watson toolsets are designed to help industrial teams reduce product inspection resource requirements significantly using visual and acoustic inspection capabilities.
  • Combining industrial IoT and AI, IBM

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