Highly reliable vehicle tablet runs Android operating system

September 17, 2021 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Vehicle computer with Android operating system
With its JLT6012A vehicle computer, the Swedish manufacturer JLT Mobile Computers is primarily targeting logistics companies. The computer is designed for maximum reliability and runs under the productivity-enhancing operating system version Android 10.

Designed to increase productivity in warehouses, manufacturing plants, transport operations, ports and all other types of logistics facilities, the new JLT6012A computer brings the familiar Android interface to the popular JLT6012 product line, reducing learning curve and meeting today's user demands. Thanks to Google Mobile Services (GMS) certification, the computer opens up access to the existing Android programming know-how as well as the extensive range of apps and utilities for this operating system.

The JLT6012A is as rugged and robust as the Windows-based computers currently in use, the vendor promises. Designed for maximum productivity and reliability, the JLT6012A computer is optimised for indoor and outdoor use in logistics operations of all kinds.

Industries targeted by the JLT6012A computer include transportation, third-party logistics, ports, as well as warehousing, manufacturing, food and beverage and more. The unit takes into account the specific requirements of these industries and therefore offers, for example, reliable connections to any cellular infrastructure, automatic dimming, programmable function keys for easy access to frequently needed functions, and an integrated power supply with a wide input voltage range for easy installation and operation in vehicles with combustion engines or electric drives.

With its virtually unbreakable display, the JLT6012A eliminates one of the most common reasons for computer failure. Moreover, thanks to JLT PowerTouch technology, operation is possible even with gloves and in wet environments. Other wear-prone components can be easily replaced and the computer software can be upgraded remotely so that the computer does not have to be removed from its area of use.

Designed to run Android 10, the JLT6012A is GMS certified. The resulting device benefits include: regular security updates, support from most popular mobile device management (MDM) solutions on the market, Android enterprise APIs for integration with enterprise mobility management (EMM) systems, integration with all of Google's productivity enhancement apps, over-the-air (OTA) software updates, and easy configuration of Android for secure operation in industrial use.

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