High-res OEM thermal camera cores enable new applications, products

December 11, 2019 //By Rich Pell
High-res OEM thermal camera cores enable new applications, products
Infrared thermal imaging company Seek Thermal (Santa Barbara, CA) has introduced a new range of OEM thermal cameras that can be integrated into products and services across several industries.

The Micro Core and Mosaic Core series, says the company, deliver optimal performance in applications such as test & measurement, security surveillance, public safety, outdoor recreation, IoT and beyond.

"We're excited to bring the experience we've developed by manufacturing hundreds of thousands of thermal cameras, including OEM cores used by leading companies in a variety of industries, to this new family of products," says Mike Muench, President & CEO, Seek Thermal. "Now, companies of any size can integrate high-end, high-resolution thermal imaging at competitive price points. This opens doors for the development of many new - and potentially revolutionary - applications and products."

The 8 x 11 x 8-mm Micro Core is designed for small-form-factor, low-power and lightweight applications such as mobile devices, drones, wearables, and IoT. Its high-resolution (200 x 150) and shutterless design allow for uninterrupted, accurate and reliable thermal imaging.

Designed for performance and versatility, the Mosaic Core series is customizable for specific application and project needs, including different options for resolution (200 x 150 or 320 x 240), field of view, frame rate and more.

Key features of the new offerings include the following:

  • High-Resolution Thermal Sensors – Choose a thermal camera with 30,000 or 76,800 temperature pixels for excellent image clarity and sensitivity
  • Low Power & Lightweight – Engineered to optimize performance with low power consumption, packaged in a small, lightweight design
  • Dual-Gain Smart Pixels – Each pixel automatically adjusts gain states to maximize resolution contrast when viewing hot and cold objects in the same scene
  • 12 Micron Pixels – More resolution and temperature data packed into a physically tiny array enables small form factor applications and lower cost
  • Visible Light Camera Add-On – Software available for integrating a visible light camera to fuse thermal and visible images together for additional context

Development Starter Kits are available, which can be connected for simple, plug-and-play thermal imaging. Customers also receive access to a Developer Portal with

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