High-power integrated magnetics for power converters in cars

October 15, 2018 //By Julien Happich
High-power integrated magnetics for power converters in cars
With its 3DP-Series (3kW_HVLV & 7kW_HVHV) Transformer + Chokes, Premo claims it enables a volume reduction up to 40-50% compared with current discrete industrial solutions for the same power management.

The innovative design relies on several patents to reach objectives such as power density increase (decreasing power magnetic required volume), the combination of 2 or 3 components into one (saving magnetic cores) and weight reduction. Thermal behaviour has been solved using thermal conductive plastics on the bobbins to create a thermal link between the wire and the core: thermal pad or thermal liquid gap filling material, thermal liquid gap filler dispensed to guarantee reliable thermal link between bobbins, windings and core. Core adhesive is also a key from the MTBF point of view (core cracks due to temperature gradient between heat and cold halve) producing a big or low thermal resistance.

While most of the power converters (resonant topologies) in the market feature a transformer, a resonant choke and an output choke, each component with its own design, core, winding and thermal dissipation solution, the 3DPower offers a single component solution. The 3DP-components typically meet the AEC-Q200 (specific automotive quality standard) and other more restrictive customer automotive supplier standards. Other topologies and powers are under design (11kW and 22kW).

Premo - www.grupopremo.com

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