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November 14, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Hi-resolution LiDAR gets compact and affordable
Velodyne has introduced a LiDAR sensor that has, according to the company, the world's best resolution, longest range, and widest field of view. With 128 laser beams, the VLS-128 will replace the HDL-64 LiDAR as the industry standard for high performance. At the same time, the company promises price cuts.

In past September 2017, Velodyne offered sneak previews of the VLS-128 dense picture to select customers attending the IAA Auto Show in Frankfurt, Germany. An upgrade to the HDL-64, the VLS-128 offers a richer image with four times the data points and density than the HDL-64. This will enhance the ability for object detection and collision avoidance while traveling highways speeds, by gathering of billions more data points traveling in real time.

Size matters: The VLS-128 is a 70 percent size reduction from the HDL-64, with double the range and four times the resolution.  It is the highest performing LiDAR sensor on the market in terms of its ability to deal with a complex environment, Velodyne claims. Due to its 905nm technology, it operates in dry climates and wet environments, and is based on mass-produced CMOS semiconductor technologies. It is produced today at Velodyne's Megafactory in San Jose using a proprietary fully automatic laser alignment and manufacturing system. Future models will also be produced as part of Velodyne's Tier-1 Automotive Program.

Cost matters. President Marta Hall adds, "We are getting the cost down. It is already dramatically reduced, and more so when ordered at higher volumes. Into the future, LiDAR will be affordable and put on cars worldwide for safety and autonomy."  

For more information, visit https://www.velodynelidar.com.

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