Haptic ICs enable immersive 'touch' user experiences

May 28, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Haptic ICs enable immersive 'touch' user experiences
Mixed-signal semiconductor supplier Cirrus Logic has launched a family of boosted haptic drivers that it says will provide more immersive touch experiences for applications in PCs, wearables, automotive, and gaming/VR.

The new CS40L25 advanced haptics product family integrates a high-performance haptic driver, a digital signal processor, and a boost converter to trigger fast, unique haptic feedback responses. The haptics ICs, says the company, enable OEMs to create customized user experiences beyond the single-action response of mechanical buttons.

"Consumer devices have become slimmer and more display-driven, and advanced haptics are evolving to offer consumers a richer, more tactile experience," says Harsha Rao, Cirrus Logic manager, Haptics and Sensing. "Cirrus Logic's haptic solutions feature low-latency, boost voltage, and closed-loop control algorithms that enable customized waveforms to trigger a variety of fast, unique haptic feedback responses. Whether it’s an immersive first-person gaming experience or a distinct smartphone vibration that identifies the caller, our advanced haptics can create a crisp click that just feels better to the user."

The CS40L25 haptic solutions, says the company, can help create context-aware "virtual" buttons for almost any surface, eliminating mechanical buttons and enabling product designers to create cleaner, sleeker industrial design aesthetics. The devices are resonance-aware, drive high-performance linear resonant actuators (LRAs) and voice coil motors (VCMs), and support unique/pre-stored haptic waveforms.

Ultra-low latency provides real-time control of the haptic motor, providing users with a more immediate sensation or response. Closed-loop algorithms maximize LRA effectiveness and enable strong and consistent haptics with a crisper, less "buzzy" effect.

The CS40L25 family of products includes the following:

  • CS40L25-CWZR and CS40L25B-CWZR ICs in 30-ball WLCSP packages for mobile and portable applications, now shipping in volume
  • CS40L25B-CNZR commercial-grade 32-pin QFN product for PC/laptop and other general market applications, currently sampling
  • CS40L25B-DNZ AEC-Q100 automotive-qualified variant in a 32-pin QFN package with wettable flanks for infotainment applications such as touch buttons and touch screens, currently sampling

The company says it recently began sampling its next-generation haptic product, which integrates force sensing and a haptic driver. The single-chip device is anticipated to improve performance, reduce power consumption, and simplify system design with up to

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