GPS pet tracker features NFC digital ID

October 04, 2018 //By Rich Pell
GPS pet tracker features NFC digital ID
IoT solutions provider GTX Corp. (Los Angeles, CA), which provides GPS wearable location and wandering assistive technology, has launched a GPS pet tracker with a near-field communication (NFC) digital ID system designed to offer 'seamless' onboarding, contact, and location information on lost pets.

The Rover Tracker provides on-demand GPS location information as well as a secure link connecting a user's real-time profile and contact information to the person who finds their pet. The product, says the company, is the first GTX product to include NFC technology and will enable the company to demonstrate the value of providing a unique single physical and digital ID with real-time location and information delivery.

The pairing of GPS and NFC, the company says, supports its expansion into blockchain security and asset management across multiple distribution and supply chains.

"Our new GPS and NFC digital ID system will provide seamless onboarding, contact, and location information on lost pets," says Theresa Gordon, GTX Corp NFC and blockchain advisor and project manager. "Individuals who find a lost dog or cat can tap their smartphones and get detailed information about the pet and owner, to alert them immediately. This provides both proactive and reactive opportunities for a pet owner versus losing a pet, then posting, calling and searching, waiting for someone to find them and bring them to vet or shelter to check for a chip."

Offered as affordable and noninvasive, the Rover Tracker can be easily attached to a collar or harness. The product's launch was planned around the release of the new Apple iPhones, which can read NFC chips natively, without requiring the launch of an app. Android phones are already NFC compatible.

"Our goal is to incorporate NFC technology across our entire GPS product line," says Patrick Bertagna, GTX Corp CEO. "Theresa has been working with us on implementing blockchain and NFC solutions over the past year. The GPS/NFC combination will enable us to provide a secure physical-digital link, allowing our customers to maximize asset management, traceability, and anti-counterfeiting."

"In addition," says Bertagna, "this extends our capabilities to include automated onboarding, product usage, instructions, and information, such as a serial number, name, and department or - in the

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