Global shutter camera module is compact, low power

May 27, 2019 //By Peter Clarke
Global shutter camera module is compact, low power
The OVM7251 CameraCubeChip module is built on the 3-micron OmniPixel global shutter architecture and offers a 640 by 480 VGA-resolution camera module.

The module is available in an 850nm version for AR/VR eye tracking, and a 940nm version for machine vision and 3D sensing in mobile facial authentication.

The sleep current consumption is 5 microamps, and during active mode, the module’s global shutter enables fast image capture, in turn reducing power consumption.

Potential applications include head-mounted displays for AR/VR, facial authentication in smartphones, and machine vision for factory automation, barcode readers and robot vacuum cleaners.

The OVM7251 module is available now for sampling and volume production, along with an evaluation kit.

"Until now, most camera modules for these applications have been built with rolling shutters, which have latency issues. Meanwhile, global shutter modules have previously been too large and expensive," said Aaron Chiang, marketing director at OmniVision. "Our new OVM7251 overcomes these challenges by providing a cost-effective VGA module with global shutter performance in a wafer-level, reflowable form factor."

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