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August 20, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Trillion transistor chip is built for AI
AI compute acceleration startup Cerebras Systems (Los Altos, CA) has unveiled what it says is the largest chip ever built, comprising more than 1.2 trillion transistors.
memory bandwidth is no longer a bottleneck.

The Cerebras WSE houses 400,000 AI-optimized, no-cache, no-overhead, compute cores and 18 gigabytes of local, distributed, superfast SRAM memory as the one and only level of the memory hierarchy. Memory bandwidth is 9 petabytes per second. The cores are linked together with a fine-grained, all-hardware, on-chip mesh-connected communication network that delivers an aggregate bandwidth of 100 petabits per second. More cores, more local memory, and a low latency high bandwidth fabric together create the optimal architecture for accelerating AI work, says the company.

The WSE is manufactured by TSMC on its advanced 16-nm process technology.

Cerebras Systems

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