Germicidal and anti-viral devices emit, measure UVc

June 05, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Germicidal and anti-viral devices emit, measure UVc
Energy storage and LED lighting technology company Thin Air Energy has announced two COVID-19-related, LED-based germicidal and anti-viral products for home and office use based on short-wavelength ultraviolet (UVc) light.

The first device - the TORCH UVc - is a germicidal, anti-viral product that emits ultraviolet light in the UVc spectrum, where germs and viruses are killed. The second device - the GEIGER UVc - is used for measuring the instant intensity of UVc and accumulated dosing of UVc radiation.

"Thin Air Energy is at the forefront of germicidal and anti-viral products for home and office use," says James Wiebe, CEO of Thin Air Energy. "These two new products provide an enormous benefit to the user, along with a simple way to measure the field strength and dose of UVc radiation."

TORCH UVc, says the company, offers a special "enhanced kill" feature that modulates the UVc output in such a way that the efficacy may be substantially improved. When the feature is disabled, the product emits a conventional, continuous output of UVc.

The TORCH UVc also includes features a very bright white LED light that flashes and alerts the user that the product is turned on and is potentially dangerous. The flashing white LED light, says the company, actively discourages users from looking into the UVc output.

The GEIGER UVc allows users to easily measure the field strength of UVc radiation. The size of a key fob, it measures the field strength of only UVc, ignoring UVa and UVb, and featuring "great" resistance to visible light as well.

In addition to showing continuous UVc field strength (in milliwatts), the GEIGER UVc also measures the cumulative dosing, providing an LED alarm indication when 5,000 millijoules and then 30,000 millijoules of radiation have been detected. These dosing levels, says the company, reflect dosing known to be effective for disinfection from published literature for certain germs and viruses. When the dosing level is achieved, an LED on the GEIGER UVc turns on.

Both products, says the company, were designed with careful attention to a large number of published papers, including research that shows

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