GE IoT platform adds edge, private cloud capabilities

November 06, 2018 //By Rich Pell
GE IoT platform adds edge, private cloud capabilities
GE Digital (San Ramon, CA), a subsidiary of multinational conglomerate General Electric, has announced new capabilities for its Predix industrial IoT platform aimed at simplifying edge-to-cloud computing.

The company announced a new Predix Edge offering that it says is designed to help businesses securely progress their Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) initiatives from pilot to production. In addition, the company introduced the Predix Private Cloud (PPC) solution - an on-premises deployment of the Predix platform, which gives customers the privacy, security, data sovereignty, and data isolation provided by a private cloud infrastructure.

"More than 70 percent of industrial companies are stuck in pilot purgatory - that is, they are either still at the start or unable to further advance their IIoT initiatives," says Eddie Amos, Corporate VP, Platform & Industrial Applications, GE Digital. "Companies often face unexpected complexities in the solution design or integration, steep costs, or security vulnerabilities."

"The custom, one-off solutions that tend to grow out of pilot projects further burden companies with ongoing maintenance, patching and upgrading over time," says Amos. "Realizing the full impact of IIoT requires moving beyond the pilot stage with scalable, interoperable solutions – and GE Digital helps lead them through that journey."

Predix Edge securely captures, processes, and analyzes data that can be managed locally or pushed to the cloud, executing the most demanding workloads at the edge and producing insights in near real time, says the company. Predix Edge and the Predix platform work are designed to seamlessly together to provide distributed IIoT processing and analytics where they're most needed.

The Predix Private Cloud enables IIoT connectivity, data, analytics, and applications – such as Predix applications or custom applications – to be hosted on premises, providing users multiple ways to deploy the Predix platform. The on-premises offering helps companies operating in high data volume scenarios access data securely in near real time and also manage edge and disconnected environments.

The PPC platform is specifically designed to meet privacy, security, data sovereignty, and data isolation requirements based on a customer’s industry, region, or country. It is already commercially available.

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