Free satellite roof measurement tool

May 20, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Free satellite roof measurement tool
Online roofing marketplace startup Roofr (San Francisco, CA) has released a free satellite roof measurement tool.

Roofr Measurements is designed to allow roofing contractors across North America to measure any roof in under five minutes with pinpoint accuracy directly from their desk at no cost. The tool provides access to high definition satellite and aerial imagery and allows contractors to outline and measure edges, assign slope, and pinpoint attributes of a roof.

Contractors will also be able to upload drone images or blueprints to measure. Once mapping is completed, the user receives a final, downloadable report on the area, pitch, direction, and edge lengths of the roof, which helps determine how much roofing material to purchase, the amount of time the project will take, and the total cost to the customer.

"Our goal is to provide roofers with tools to help them grow and streamline their business," says Richard Nelson, Founder and CEO of Roofr. "We know from research and experience that roofing contractors are spending thousands of dollars a year on satellite-based roof measurement software. We wanted to change that and offer our software for free."

The tool, says the company, will reduce the need for on-site visits, giving roofing contractors a cost-saving, efficient way to provide service to their customers. Other, comparable roof measurement products can take several days to generate a full report of roof attributes and can cost upwards of $100 per report or expensive monthly subscription fees.


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