Finepower develops core module for wireless charging infrastructure

July 24, 2018 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Finepower develops core module for wireless charging infrastructure
Before electric cars can become a means of transport for everyone, a charging infrastructure needs to be introduced that can serve the mass market. The engineering company Finepower GmbH (Ismaning, Germany) is developing a charging system that can charge the batteries in all vehicle types wirelessly, regardless of their manufacturer, as it is done inductively. The special circuitry provides a high level of efficiency – with no need to painstakingly position the system with millimetric accuracy.

Inductive charging systems are currently a hot topic for developers in the field of electromobility. It not only concerns the charging infrastructure for electric cars but also the contactless charging of industrial trucks. What makes it challenging is that certain parameters which are important for wireless energy transmission (vehicle ground clearance, coil geometry, positioning method) differ from one manufacturer to the next. Charging systems must therefore be able to connect as wide a range of vehicle types as possible, comprising heterogenous receiver coils and battery systems, to the charging infrastructure. This kind of technology is very important for the future of electromobility. Politicians are also very interested in this technology and are supporting its development as part of the UnIndCha (Universal Inductive Charging) research project.

The project’s goal is no small matter. It involves achieving a constantly high level of efficiency for vehicles in very different positions relative to the inductive charger, while, at the same time, not exceeding the maximum permissible EMC values. To meet these conditions, the variable vehicle position must be compensated for using an electronic circuit. To this end, the capacity of the primary coil circuit needs to be made adjustable.

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