Elliptic Labs, Maxim Integrated team on touchless sensing

July 27, 2021 // By Rich Pell
Elliptic Labs, Maxim Integrated team on touchless sensing
AI software company Elliptic Labs and analog and mixed-signal integrated circuit maker Maxim Integrated Products have announced low-power touchless sensing solutions for PC and smart speaker/TV developers.

Elliptic Labs says that it has certified the operation of its AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform with Maxim Integrated's MAX98396 smart audio amplifier. With the solutions, the companies say they are targeting next-generation smart devices to run critical and innovative user experiences, like presence detection and 3D touchless gesture sensing, on Maxim Integrated’s audio amplifier technology.

Elliptic Labs’ software-only AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform utilizes a device’s existing microphone and speaker to generate and translate ultrasound tones into virtual sensors with capabilities like presence and touchless gesture detection. These capabilities are used in applications like smart TVs, smart speakers, and laptops, to provide features like security through automated screen locking and intuitive controls for users enjoying music and video.

Maxim Integrated’s MAX98396 is an ultrasound-ready Class D/G audio amplifier that is offered as featuring the industry’s lowest quiescent power and the lowest noise. Together with Elliptic's AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform, say the companies, OEMs in the laptop and IoT markets are now empowered to innovate new user experiences and make their devices smarter and more energy efficient.

Elliptic Labs’ virtual sensors combined with Maxim Integrated’s MAX98396 smart audio amplifier eliminate the need for additional single-function hardware sensors, which simplifies design, lowers power consumption, reduces cost, and lessens supply chain constraints for the OEM.

“Collaborating with world-leading technology firms like Maxim Integrated shows the tremendous demand and value of our AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform,” says Laila Danielsen, CEO of Elliptic Labs. “Working together with Maxim Integrated really enables Elliptic Labs to make devices smarter, allowing these devices to sense their users and their surroundings.”

Kevin Ko, business manager of audio solutions at Maxim Integrated adds, "Elliptic Labs truly pushes the boundaries of our smart amplifiers beyond just great audio and into touchless sensing. Elliptic Labs’ AI Virtual Smart Sensor Platform extends our audio amplifier’s capabilities to enable designers and developers to provide unique sensing differentiation in their offerings at

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