Edge AI SDK implements ML platform on MCUs

January 15, 2021 //By Rich Pell
Edge AI SDK implements ML platform on MCUs
Edge AI technology company ONE Tech has announced the launch of its edge AI software development kit (SDK) that embeds and trains ai models directly on MCUs.

The MicroAI Atom SDK allows users to implement the company’s machine learning platform - MicroAI Atom - directly onto microcontroller unit (MCU)-based hardware. The SDK, says the company, brings intelligence to the endpoint - the source of data - which accelerates machine learning model formation and adoption while lowering overall cost of deploying AI-driven solutions.

"This SDK for MicroAI Atom is one of a kind, greatly improving time to market with asset performance management and predictive maintenance use cases while lowering the overall cost of deployment via elimination of expensive hardware needed to run and train the model," says ONE Tech CEO Yasser Khan. "Our team of engineers brought this technology to life and created the framework for developers across the globe to enable intelligence at the asset."

The MicroAI Atom SDK enables uses cases for assets including:

  • Connected devices (IoT devices, phones, handheld computers)
  • Industrial machinery (robotic arms, welders, material handlers, motors)
  • Utility infrastructure (smart meters, transformers, water treatment facilities)
  • Household appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators)
  • Automotive (vehicles, heavy equipment)

In a manufacturing use case, for example, says the company, there is a critical need to bring intelligence to manufacturing facilities, but existing methods require an overhaul of hardware - an expensive proposition. With the MicroAI Atom SDK, these capabilities are available in a low-compute MCU, allowing existing hardware to support machine learning and predictive maintenance to these facilities quickly and cost-effectively.

The MicroAI Atom SDK is publicly available through the ONE Tech developer portal .

ONE Tech

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