Edge AI control software startup raises funds

December 08, 2020 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
Adapdix secures funding for AI-powered control software
Predictive analytics system based on an industrial-grade data mesh technology enables ultra-low-latency, predictive maintenance and control.

Adapdix Corporation has completed an $8M Series A funding round to accelerate the growth of its AI-powered automation and control software, led by WRVI Capital, with participation from Micron Ventures and existing investor X2 Equity.

Offering the first predictive analytics system based on an industrial-grade data mesh technology, Adapdix enables ultra-low-latency, predictive maintenance and control. This means that companies can now take the next steps in the Edge AI performance journey, from simply detecting and preventing faults to enabling control and automating self-correcting actions.

Adapdix’s EdgeOps is a software-only product that combines advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) analytics with a distributed, edge-based control platform. By enabling control where the AI data is, the edge, Adapdix enables a distributed data mesh ecosystem that delivers the new foundation for customer-centric Edge AI deployments.

Adapdix EdgeOps incorporating the DevOps, DataOps and AIOps methodologies presents an opportunity for customers to strengthen, scale, and automate routine business practices and streamline interactions between functional groups to help organizations quickly implement solutions to difficulties they face.

Anthony Hill, Founder and CEO at Adapdix, said, “Enterprise companies are increasingly moving processing power closer to the source of the data to increase model accuracy, reduce network cost and congestion, and latency. The Adapdix EdgeOps solution is addressing a significant and growing market need to extract value and control systems at the edge. This investment round will solidify Adapdix’s leadership position in the market and enable more enterprise companies to control their end-to-end operations, and ensure uptime, with real-time predictive analytics.”

Nicholas Brathwaite, Founding Managing Partner at WRVI Capital, said, “Adapdix EdgeOps™ innovative technology provides a scalable multivariable platform allowing enterprises to operationalize AI/ML across critical infrastructure, improving significant uptime and business profitability as it has not been possible before.”

“Artificial intelligence will transform how enterprises automate and optimize processes in the workplace,” said Andrew Byrnes, director of venture capital at Micron Ventures. “Adapdix has an innovative platform

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