EDA platform 'revolutionizes' system design process for engineers

June 10, 2021 // By Rich Pell
EDA platform 'revolutionizes' system design process for engineers
Electronic design automation and intelligent system design provider Cadence Design Systems has introduced what it says is the industry’s first engineering platform for system design that unifies schematic, layout, analysis, design collaboration, and data management.

Built upon Allegro and OrCAD core technology, the Allegro X Design Platform is offered as both revolutionizing and streamlining the system design process for engineers by offering unparalleled collaboration across all engineering disciplines, integration with best-in-class Cadence signoff-level simulation and analysis products, and greater layout performance. It is designed to help engineers design and collaborate across multiple domains, including electromagnetic (EM), thermal, signal and power integrity (SI/PI), and logical/physical implementation.

"The Allegro X platform establishes a unified engineering platform, boosting overall design team productivity up to 4x," says Tom Beckley, senior vice president and general manager of the Custom IC & PCB Group at Cadence. "Engineers now have a framework for logical and physical design, in 2D or 3D, single- or multi-board, that allows them to optimize resources even on the most complex 5G designs, enabled by interoperability with the AWR Microwave Office RF design flow. Cadence R&D has been working diligently with academia and industry partners on groundbreaking, analysis-driven PCB synthesis that significantly enhances design productivity.”

The Allegro X platform leverages a hybrid cloud solution that provides scalable compute resources and full technology access while reducing deployment footprints and complexity. With the Allegro X platform, engineers can now deliver high-quality designs with access to the Cadence Clarity 3D Solver, Celsius Thermal Solver, Sigrity technology and PSpice for simulation and analysis, Allegro Pulse for design data management, and interoperability with the AWR Microwave Office RF design flow.

The Allegro X platform is designed to deliver significant improvement in design throughput and performance. By leveraging GPU technology in combination with core architectural optimization, its performance is accelerated across a wide range of operations. In addition, the platform utilizes cloud resources to synthesize full or partial PCB designs.

Innovative machine learning (ML) techniques concurrently optimize the design for manufacturing, SI and PI requirements while designing the power delivery network (PDN), device placement and signal interconnect as specified by the system architect/electrical engineer.

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