DOE unveils 'Energy for Space' strategy

January 08, 2021 // By Rich Pell
DOE unveils 'Energy for Space' strategy
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced its "Energy for Space" strategy - an outlook of policy recommendations to further the agency's role in powering the next generation of space exploration.

The strategy calls for DOE to be an essential source of the science, technology, and engineering solutions that are needed for advancing U.S. leadership in the space domain.

"Under the vision outlined in [the] "Energy for Space" plan, DOE’s scientific and engineering capabilities will be applied to overcome the challenges of vast distances, extreme conditions, complex operations, and unfamiliar environments to propel and power exploration, security, and commerce in space," says Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette. "In coordination with NASA, the interagency, and private sector partners, we must continue to harness the incredible capabilities throughout the DOE enterprise to expand exploration and utilization of the space domain."

The DOE says it will apply the Department’s core competencies and emerging capabilities, including those of its 17 National Laboratories, to the needs of the U.S. space community through the following focused strategic goals of:

  • Powering space exploration - DOE will develop space-capable energy technologies (both nuclear and non-nuclear) for U.S. space customers, explore energy management systems for their potential application to space missions, and advance innovative energy generation, collection, storage, distribution, employment, dissipation, and thermal management technologies for space systems.
  • Solving the mysteries of space through innovation in space science research and breakthroughs in space-applicable technology - DOE will harness the capabilities and expertise within its laboratory complex and across its broad community of researchers to make scientific discoveries for space and in space, advancing fundamental understanding of the universe and the ways in which humans can live and work in it safely, securely, productively, and profitably.
  • Support the secure and peaceful use of space - DOE, including the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), will provide technical capabilities, systems, multi-purpose sensors, and satellite development/deployment support with application to national security as well as civil space programs.
  • Enabling the safe, secure, productive, and profitable development of the U.S. commercial space industry - DOE will drive innovation in space science research and achieve breakthroughs

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