Digital lidar startup looks to replace legacy analog sensors

September 08, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Digital lidar startup looks to replace legacy analog sensors
High-resolution lidar sensor startup Ouster has announced that it has raised $42 million of new investment to fund product development and further accelerate worldwide sales.

The company is a leading provider of high-resolution digital lidar sensors for autonomous transportation, robotics, industrial automation, and smart infrastructure. Its second generation of high-resolution lidar sensors, launched in January, demonstrate the power of digital lidar technology, says the company.

By replacing complex legacy analog architecture, the company claims its simplified semiconductor-based technology allows it to decouple price from performance and accelerate product development, manufacturing, and customer adoption.

"Ouster's digital lidar architecture gives us fundamental advantages that are winning over customers in every market we serve," says Angus Pacala, CEO of Ouster. "Digital CMOS technology is the future of lidar and Ouster was the first to invent, build, patent, and commercialize digital lidar. Once our customers experience the resolution and reliability of these sensors at an affordable price, there’s no turning back to legacy analog lidar."

The company says it now counts over 800 customers across 15 markets, and cites recent design wins in factory and port automation, automated ground vehicle (AGV) robotics, mining, agriculture, autonomous vehicles, and smart infrastructure markets.

The company's second generation of lidar sensors introduced three new 128-beam models, each of which addresses key customer use cases:

All three products are currently shipping to customers and are available in 50 different configurations.


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