Digital CMOS image sensor for machine vision, AI, and AR/VR: Page 2 of 2

September 13, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Digital CMOS image sensor for machine vision, AI, and AR/VR
ON Semiconductor (Phoenix, AZ) has introduced a high-speed image sensor that enables intelligent vision systems for viewing and artificial intelligence (AI).
viewing systems.

"As we approach an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an integral part of vision-based systems, it becomes clear that we now share this world with a new kind of intelligence," says Gianluca Colli, Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Solution Division of Image Sensor Group at ON Semiconductor. "The ARX3A0 has been designed for that new breed of machine, where vision is as integral to their operation as it is ours."

The ARX3A0 is available in both chip scale package and reconstructed wafer die. Evaluation boards running on the company's PC-based DevWare system and prototype modules are also available.

ON Semiconductor

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