Digital CMOS image sensor for machine vision, AI, and AR/VR

September 13, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Digital CMOS image sensor for machine vision, AI, and AR/VR
ON Semiconductor (Phoenix, AZ) has introduced a high-speed image sensor that enables intelligent vision systems for viewing and artificial intelligence (AI).

The ARX3A0 digital image sensor offers 0.3 Mega-Pixel (MP) resolution in a 1:1 aspect ratio. With up to 360 frames per second (fps) capture rate, the company says, it can perform like a global shutter in many conditions but with the size, performance, and responsivity benefits of being a Back-Side Illuminated (BSI) rolling shutter sensor.

With its small size, square format, and high frame rate, the ARX3A0 is offered as being particularly suitable for emerging machine vision, artificial intelligence, and AR/VR applications, as well as for small supplemental security cameras. The ARX3A0 consumes less than 19 mW when capturing images at 30 fps, and 2.5 mW when capturing 1 fps.

The sensor's small size and square format, says the company, mean the ARX3A0 can be used in emerging applications where orientation isn't fixed but space is limited, such as AR/VR goggles to monitor a wearer's eye movement. Eye movement data can be used to adjust the image viewed, which is believed to mitigate the possible effect of motion sickness as experienced by some users. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) is another application where the ARX3A0's small size and low power image sensors will be crucial, says the company.

The monochrome sensor is based on a 560 x 560 active-pixel array featuring the company's NIR+ technology, giving it high sensitivity at near IR wavelengths to deliver superior performance in no light or when lighting is used that is non-detectable by the human eye. Advanced power management features include the ability to automatically wake from a low-power mode when detecting motion or lighting changes in the scene, allowing the sensor to become the main source of wake for an entire camera system.

In addition, says the company, while most image sensors were conceived purely with visual applications in mind, the ARX3A0 is the first of new breed of digital image sensor designed for advanced and increasingly intelligent systems, as well as traditional

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