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May 01, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Coronavirus field test project uses graphene sensing chip
Nanotechnology materials company Grolltex (named for 'graphene-rolling-technologies') says it is developing a graphene sensing chip-based coronavirus field test.
including a sensing capability made of gold "nano-islands."

Using its industrial-scale graphene manufacturing platform, says the company, these sensing chips can be made for pennies each and in arrays of about 10,000 per single square foot sheet, 100 sheets at a time. In this pursuit, the San Diego-based company is looking to find a local partner or investor to help scale this testing platform.

"We currently have our hands full with several prototyping efforts in place in other areas, ranging from glucose detection in saliva to a wearable blood pressure monitor in a patch configuration," says Draa. "But when the Sanford Burnham folks volunteered the science help on this COVID virus detection platform, we knew we had to jump on it."

"Today we don't have the bandwidth to roll this virus detection platform out, once the science is done,” says Draa. "We're still a small start-up so we're looking for a financial or resource partner to help us get this up to volume and in the right hands. We know we're in one of the best locations in the U.S. for an effort like this so once we make the partnering connections, the ramp will be fast."


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