Cooling approach can be built into computer processors

July 02, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Cooling approach can be built into computer processors
High-performance cooling technology startup JETCOOL Technologies (Littleton, MA) has emerged from stealth to unveil a new approach to cooling computer processors and other electronics for applications such as aerospace and defense, wireless telecom, advanced semiconductors, electric vehicle power systems, and data centers.

Unveiled at this year's 2019 IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS) in Boston, the company's technology - known as microconvective cooling - uses small fluid jets that can be built within an electronic device. The result, says the company, is ten times better cooling than today's state-of-the-art technologies.

"Many of our favorite services run on processors that could do even more, but they get too hot," says Bernie Malouin, JETCOOL's CEO. "With better cooling, we hope to break that logjam and help technology companies create a new wave of devices that will power tomorrow's extraordinary innovations."

"With our technology, we can build the heat sink into the silicon substrate itself," says Malouin. "Think about that, the world's best cooling built into the computer chip so you can't even tell it's there."

The company describes its technology as a "patent-pending twist on microjet cooling" that uses small jets of high velocity fluid to cool a device. Instead of passing fluid over a surface, such as in typical heat sinks or cold plates, microjets are aimed directly at the surface.

The company says its cooling solutions offer the following:

  • produce very high heat transfer coefficients
  • come in packages the same size as the die
  • are lightweight, requiring no metals
  • don't use any thermal epoxies or pastes

At IMS, JETCOOL was named the Next Top Startup by a panel of expert judges that included VCs and technology executives. The company also won the audience choice award for the best new technology startup.

For more, see " Embedded Microjets for Thermal Management of High Power-Density Electronic Devices " (PDF).

JETCOOL Technologies

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