Compact power module for EV traction converters

July 30, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Compact power module for EV traction converters
Infineon Technologies has developed the HybridPack DC6i for use in electric vehicles in the 80 to 100 kW power class. This IGBT power module for drive converters combines Infineon's EDT2 IGBTs with packaging technologies that enable a compact design, excellent thermal management at low material costs and easy assembly.

With the worldwide electrification boom in vehicles, the development of cost-effective traction converters is moving into focus. The selection of the power module plays a major role in this context; the search is on for the best dimensioned module with the optimum silicon area for the given performance requirements. In this respect, the HybridPACK DC6i joins the HybridPACK1 family and the more powerful HybridPACK Drive family in Infineon's portfolio.

The new module has the same compact footprint (7.2 cm x 14 cm) as the HybridPACK1 - 25% smaller than the HybridPACK Drive - with more than 50%higher output power. While the HybridPACK1 uses IGBT3 technology, the DC6i is equipped with the newer EDT2 IGBTs. Furthermore, the new module has six screw connectors to the DC link capacitor, whereas the HybridPACK1 family has only two. This enables a low-inductance design with a leakage inductance of 15 nH. And finally, a patented directly cooled wave baseplate provides very good and cost-effective heat dissipation with a thermal resistance from the IGBT chip junction to the liquid of 0.17 K/W. Press-fit pins and additional guides allow the gate driver board to be mounted in a few seconds compared to conventional selective soldering in more than a minute.

Infineon's EDT2 technology is a micro-trench technology optimized for electric powertrain applications. Features include a reverse voltage of 750 V, a short-term extended operating temperature of 175°C and high short-circuit resistance. Switching and conduction losses are optimized for a real driving cycle, resulting in a 20 percent efficiency increase compared to Infineon's previous generation IGBT3.

The HybridPACK DC6i is qualified for automotive power modules according to the AQG324 standard. Production is already underway and the module will be available from distributors from September 2020, the company says.

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