Cobalt-iron materials improve power-to-weight ratio

January 16, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The electrification of propulsion systems in aviation requires higher performance at lower weight. The cobalt iron (CoFe) high performance materials from Vacuumschmelze (VAC) can be a good way to reconcile these requirements.

The CoFe material Vacodur 49 fully exploits its advantages in turboelectric hybrid systems: through better flow control the power density, one of the most important properties of synchronous machines, can be increased by typically 30 %. Thus, the torque and maximum power (constant size/weight) can be increased or the required size and weight (constant torque/power) can be minimized.

Vacodur is characterized by a high magnetic saturation of up to 2.3 T in combination with low coercivity, adapted annealing temperatures meet the demanding strength requirements for high speeds. The wide range of available alloys and sheet packages are used in numerous new projects for hybrid or fully electric aircraft, both in the generator and in the propulsion engine. This enables designers to achieve the optimum balance between torque and weight.

"All major aircraft engine manufacturers are working on the hybridization of short- and medium-haul aircraft. The aim is not only to reduce fuel consumption. By significantly reducing noise during take-off and landing, costs for noise protection measures can be reduced and flight bans can be avoided", says Dr. Robert Brand, Application Specialist at VAC.

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