Cellular IoT device can monitor 'anything, anywhere'

July 17, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Cellular IoT device can monitor 'anything, anywhere'
Electronic and mechanical custom manufacturing services company PICA Product Development (Derry, NH), formerly known as Nel-Tech Labs, has announced the commercial launch of its first Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring device.

Using MEMS sensor and LTE cellular technology, the Skyhawk Kiwi is designed to monitor assets and locations where power and Wi-Fi are not readily available. In addition, it provides robust monitoring independent of local internet connections and power that are subject to interruption.

The Kiwi's LTE cellular technology combined with ultra-low-power semiconductor technology and proprietary design techniques, says the company, enables compact battery-operated devices capable of long-term deployment for the real-time monitoring of assets in remote locations.

The Skyhawk Kiwi can be deployed and activated in minutes from the Skyhawk Kiwi mobile app and requires no local network configuration. It is fully weatherproof for both indoor and outdoor use.

It is suited for a variety of monitoring applications including mailboxes, sheds, self-storage locations, safes, cabinets with sensitive material, marine assets, contractor assets, trailers, vehicles, animal traps, remote structures, and virtually any asset within the cellular signal coverage area.  The applications are virtually unlimited, says the company, given the ubiquitous coverage of cellular signals.

Skyhawk devices also support custom integration into existing deployed enterprise business software via the company's API solutions. In March the company announced it had secured a $4.5 million line of credit from Bank of America to assist with the market introduction of the Skyhawk IoT remote monitoring devices.

The Skyhawk Kiwi Kickstarter 30-day campaign is currently live and offering discounted pricing (starting at $79) and rewards to early supporters. Subscription service plans are available starting at $7.99/mo.

PICA Product Development

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