Brain-computer interface startup secures $4.6 million

December 30, 2019 //By Peter Clarke
Brain-computer interface startup secures $4.6 million
NextMind SA (Paris, France), a 2017 startup seeking to create a non-invasive brain-computer interface for the mass market, has raised $4.6 million.

The money includes a $1 million innovation award from BPIFrance and investments from private contributors.

NextMind is developing a non-invasive brain-sensing device for the mass market that will allow users to play games and control electronic and mobile devices, including virtual and augmented reality headsets, using just their thoughts. NextMind's technology originated at the Brain and Consciousness Lab at École Normale Supérieure, out of which the company was formed in 2017.

Such systems have been developed by other companies over many years and although technically feasible have been difficult to use.

The company claims to have novel sensing technology which it will combine with machine learning to decode a user's intention in real time and translate brain waves into direct digital commands.

NextMind plans to introduce its hardware and software in 2019.

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