Bosch Connected Industry adds transparency to supply chains

December 13, 2019 //By Julien Happich
supply chains
Logistic load carriers such as grid boxes, containers and cases are on the road a lot. However, their exact location in the logistics network is often unknown.

This leads to high costs for both supplier and manufacturing companies. "Load carriers are lost, damaged or even misused due to a lack of transparency. This entails considerable planning and procurement costs," explains Henry Kussatz, Business Development Manager at nox NachtExpress. The logistics service provider therefore relies on Nexeed Track and Trace to make its supply chains more transparent.

Nexeed Track and Trace equips each load carrier with a sensor. The sensors send data on the location and condition of the load carriers to the cloud in short intervals via gateways located at relevant points in the supply chain, such as warehouses, incoming or outgoing goods. The core of the solution is the Nexeed software. It collects and harmonizes the data, visualizes it and makes it available to the customer either web-based on devices or via standard interfaces in the customer's own IT system.

"The goal of Nexeed Track and Trace is to make the daily work of logistics staff easier and the supply chain more efficient," says Matthias Deindl, Chief Product Owner Nexeed Track and Trace at Bosch Connected Industry.

At nox NachtExpress, 4,000 load carriers are already equipped with sensors. Moreover, gateways have been installed at the relevant points both at nox NachtExpress and at selected customer locations. Now both parties constantly know how many transport boxes from which stock are on the road in the Germany-wide delivery cycle, and where they are located.

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