BMW gets serious with OTA software updates

July 06, 2020 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
BMW announces major update for its OS7 operating system
For the current month BMW has announced its most comprehensive software update to date. In contrast to previous practice, the update will now also be available for vehicles that are already in customer hands on the road - the update will then be made via OTA download. This is the first time that a major traditional car manufacturer has introduced this technology on a large scale.

The update includes new services for navigation, connected parking, location-based automatic switching from PHEVs to electric drive, connected charging, digital car key, infotainment, and a new Intelligent Personal Assistant. All vehicles produced from July and equipped with the current BMW Operating System 7 will receive the update ex works. For the models already delivered, the update will take place over-the-air starting in September - but only if they are already equipped with OS7.

Already today, according to BMW, appropriately equipped vehicles from this manufacturer can digitally retrofit or extend certain functions. These include a high-beam assistant, the Active Cruise Control (ACC) driver assistance system with Stop & Go function and the BMW Driver Recorder. In the future, the manufacturer also intends to make greater use of this option as a sales channel in order to offer additional services after the vehicle has been delivered to the customer. BMW also intends to increasingly digitalise communication with the customer in the future: In-car communication will become increasingly important as a channel, i.e. the aim is to offer customers situation-specific, tailor-made services directly in the vehicle.

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