Bluetooth tracking solution covers up to 20 miles

August 13, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Bluetooth tracking solution covers up to 20 miles
Real-time asset tracking company Apptricity has announced the launch of its new 20-mile ultra-long-range Bluetooth beacon.

Based on an advanced Bluetooth 5 technology, the I-Connect Bluetooth beacon, says the company, is the longest-ranging secure connection on the market, with the ability to transmit data up to 20 miles outdoors and penetrate up to 20 floors indoors.

"Our new 20-Mile Ultra Range Bluetooth is a significant technology breakthrough," says Tim Garcia, CEO of Apptricity. "Many of our global customers were struggling with the range and costs of connecting most of their IoT assets, so I challenged our engineers to develop a lower cost Bluetooth tracking solution that could cover at least 10 miles. They exceeded expectations. We were able to pick up the signal from over 20 miles, and are working with our engineers to see how much further we can take this technology."

To date, the only option for organizations looking to track their assets and inventory over distances of this length was to use LTE (mobile) or satellite beacons. However, says the company, while these options could work, the total operational cost constrained what was practical to connect, while the cost of ownership for the Ultra Long-Range Bluetooth Beacons is upwards of 90% less than LTE and satellite solutions.

With indoor tracking solutions, the cost and complexity of designing and installing the digital "mesh" via edge devices and antennas is significant, and often the price of a "tight mesh" to deliver the required accuracy can be cost prohibitive. The Ultra-Long-range Bluetooth device is designed to solve the challenge – both in the reduced complexity of the mesh and the increased savings in the total installation and operational costs - for key industries such as retail, medical, and public sector government.

The Ultra Long-Range Bluetooth Beacon provides users with precision amplified signals, and features backward compatibility, a selectable range from 10 to 20 miles, and includes a replaceable battery. It can be configured with or without GPS, multiple battery and encryption options, and the signal can

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