Blackstone develops 3D printed solid-state batteries

September 22, 2020 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Blackstone develops 3D printed solid-state batteries
The production of batteries using the additive manufacturing process is an important technological goal for the economy. Blackstone Resources AG (Baar, Switzerland) has now achieved several milestones in its proprietary 3D printing technology for the manufacture of lithium solid-state batteries.

The company has invested in next generation battery technology through its German subsidiary Blackstone Technology GmbH. This includes patented 3D printing techniques and research into the mass production of batteries with proven higher energy density and higher number of charge cycles.

Blackstone Technology's 3D printing process offers significant advantages over conventional battery cell designs that use liquid electrolytes. These include:

  • significantly lower costs.
  • greater production flexibility in terms of cell format.
  • a 20% increase in energy density.

In addition, by using this technology, the proportion of materials that do not store energy, such as copper and aluminium, has been reduced by up to 10%. These advantages can be achieved regardless of the electrode chemistry.

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