Bike is powered by a fuel cell

October 15, 2015 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Bike is powered by a fuel cell
With fuel cells, most people associate submarines, stationary power generators in remote areas or at least cars. Now this environmentally friendly has arrived in the world of small vehicles: Technology group Linde AG has introduced pedelec is that powered by a very compact fuel cell.

The fuel cell replaces the usual battery that stores the electricity for the motor. In contrast to a battery, it generates the energy out of oxygen from the ambient air. With just 35 grams of hydrogen, the fuel cell generates enough electricity for a ride over 100 kilometres (62 miles); refuelling takes maximum six minutes.

With the introduction of the prototype, Linde wanted to prove that the conventional battery drive is not without alternatives, even for electric bicycles. With fuel cell driven cars, the H 2 bike shares the advantage of a high driving range and a short timespan to refuel. In addition, lithium-ion or other conventional batteries with their limited lifetime and their cumbersome disposal become obsolete.

Linde plans a small prototype series, powered with hydrogen produced in a sustainable green process. There are two alternatives to extract hydrogen: Either through electrolysis by means of wind energy or through a transformation of biogas. Thus, the CO 2 balance for the H 2-bike is significantly better than the typical energy mix of the electric power in Germany as used typically to charge a conventional pedelec, claims Linde.

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