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September 10, 2019 //By Rich Pell
AV simulation solution offers virtual testing, development environment
Engineering simulation software provider ANSYS (Canonsburg, PA) has expanded its autonomous vehicles (AVs) solution to include new capabilities in sensors, virtual environments, and AI simulation.
virtually simulate and validate numerous scenarios without the cost of physical prototypes or physical road miles.

While ANSYS SPEOS continues to extend optical simulation into the ANSYS Multiphysics platform, says the company, SPEOS Live Preview helps designers accelerate their design innovation thanks to GPU acceleration, enabling quick design iterations to improve design optimization and robustness. ANSYS 2019 R3 also includes the SPEOS Road Library for Sensors Simulation, a comprehensive retro-reflecting materials database.

"ANSYS SPEOS provides early insights into the optical performance of our designs. It allows for fast iterations on multiple virtual prototypes to optimize the appearance and performance of vehicle lamps, earlier in the product design phase," says Hiroaki Yachi, Chief, Toyota Customizing & Development. "With SPEOS Live Preview, powered by GPU technology, our engineers can run real-time optical simulations and explore alternative virtual prototypes — reducing costs and development times."

In ANSYS 2019 R3, ANSYS electromagnetics suite includes new features for engineers tackling complex autonomous vehicle engineering challenges. ANSYS HFSS SBR+ now includes creeping wave physics, which delivers greater accuracy for predicting radar cross section (RCS) of large targets with curvatures — enabling engineers to achieve a more precise RCS reading of objects including shadow regions. In addition, says the company, Accelerated Doppler Processing simulation technology added to ANSYS HFSS SBR+ revolutionizes the way automotive companies validate the safety and performance of radar systems in autonomous vehicles — empowering engineers to test vastly more traffic scenarios than would ever be possible with physical road tests.

With the release, the company also introduces ANSYS Minerva, a knowledge management product for critical simulation expertise. ANSYS Minerva, says the company, improves productivity and maximizes business value from existing engineering technology investments by providing model-based system engineering, simulation process, and data management, lifecycle traceability, process integration, design optimization and simulation-driven data science capabilities. ANSYS Minerva is critical for managing the volume of simulation data required for testing complex systems, such as AVs.

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