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November 28, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Augmented reality wine labels see growing adoption
Wine industry-focused augmented reality (AR) platform Winerytale (Victoria, Australia) says that more than 500 wineries across the globe have added augmented reality to their product labels in field testing trials of its app.
you switch the Winerytale app on, it becomes instantly activated on every bottle. And having every bottle activated is like having thousands of marketing machines all going to work for these wineries."

Through the App field trials, the company is also rolling out location-based services - where the wine bottle held by a consumer knows where it is and adapts the content - with self-translating wine bottles to follow in 2020. For example, a European traveler in Asia, could easily view information about a wine, which changes if they are within a winery's boundaries, in a language they can fully comprehend.

"Through Winerytale," says Chaffey, "the wine industry is becoming an early adopter of technology that has the potential to be used across multiple industries like pharmaceutical and grocery. It will just build on our current internet-based consumer habits. Want to know something about a product? Ask your artificial intelligence and augmented reality-powered App!"


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